Driving Productivity with Agile

OnVelocity prides itself on delivering "clean code". Test-driven and Iterative.

With competitive pricing on projects — pay for what you accept or by the hour (time and materials) — we work on-site and iteratively deliver valuable working software. OnVelocity is an open source contributor and supporter. OnVelocity utilizes current PaaS providers, like Amazon, Heroku, CloudBees, and Google App Engine.

OnVelocity is committed to continuous improvement. Kanban, Scrum and Lean.

How software products are constructed and delivered directly impact ability to respond to customer needs in a timely manor. Further, discovering requirements as you go necessitates an iterative, user-centric process. OnVelocity works with your team to ensure the code is easy to maintain and supports constant change.

OnVelocity believes good user requirements drive customer satisfaction. Product Vision and Backlog

How requirements are cultivated directly impact ability to meet customer expectations and needs. Building the "right" software starts with well curated requirements. OnVelocity works with your team to build user requirements that are customer focused and deliverable.